Audio Streaming Ads.

Audio streaming advertising is the delivery of ads across music, podcast, and radio streaming platforms.

There are several types of audio ads including traditional commercial breaks, sponsorships, in-stream ads, and native ads. Brands can integrate audio streaming ads into their marketing plans by setting a campaign objective, researching the platform(s) their audience listens to, and creating engaging content to distribute across their chosen channels. After launching a campaign, advertisers can review performance data and make further optimizations.

Advertising on audio streaming platforms gives brands the opportunity to reach engaged audiences across a range of content types.

Streamed content spans every genre and reaches listeners around the world. Many platforms also provide abundant ad viewership and audience data to inform campaign optimization. By leveraging these analytics, advertisers can improve their ROI, reach key objectives, and build their customer base.

What is the difference between streaming and broadcast ads?

Broadcast ads are purchased for set times on the radio or traditional television, which means that it is heard/seen during the time and date contracted. The only way a user can see it again is if they recorded what time frame it was aired.

Streaming ads can be seen by the user whenever they decide to listen or watch the episode on whichever streaming service is being used. While both broadcast and streaming ads can be very effective, these things need to be considered when planning for each.

(For example, if the timing is important for a message to be sent, broadcast ads might be best. If it is a more evergreen message, you can get more people to hear/see it as a streaming ad.)

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    The platforms we use.

    Spotify Ads.

    Spotify Ad Studio allows marketers to create audio ads that are played alongside music and podcast content. Advertisers can set their budgets, choose a campaign goal, and leverage Spotify’s Ad Studio to create high-quality listening experiences. Ad Studio offers creative tools including background tracks, voice actors, and professional sound mixing. After ads are created they can be placed according to audience demographics, behavior, listening context, and custom parameters; this is all with the power of Spotify’s Machine Learning algorithms.

    Spotify also has in-depth analytics dashboards that provide optimization suggestions, performance insights, and industry benchmarking. Real-time measurement tools ensure that brands are able to achieve their key objectives in a rapidly-evolving market.

    Spotify is a wonderful platform to advertise on due to its creator resources, hyper-targeting solutions, and range of ad budgeting options. Additionally, Spotify has a massive reach with over 500 million active users in 184 countries. These users can be reached through a tremendous range of content including music, video, and podcasts.  

    Additional Benefits:

    • Spotify Pixel: A piece of JavaScript code that, when placed on your website, allows you to track user behavior and gain deeper insights into ad performance. Spotify Pixel improves conversion tracking, channel comparison, and campaign optimization.

    Pandora and SXM Ads (Sirius XM).

    SXM advertising allows marketers to reach over 100 million listeners across satellite radio, streaming audio, and podcasts. Studio Resonate, SXM’s team of audio producers and designers, works with brands to create high-quality, rich media ads. Once ads are created, they are targeted to your desired audience across SiriusXM, Pandora, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and NBCU News Group. SXM offers data-driven targeting solutions including demographic, location, behavior, interest, and context matching. Additionally, SXM has tools to create lookalike audiences and retargeting lists.

    SXM supports several ad formats including audio, video, sponsorships, live reads, and influencers. This range of ad types enables brands to reach any of their marketing objectives whether they are seeking to build awareness, generate consideration, or increase conversions.

    iHeartMedia Ads.

    iHeartMedia allows advertisers to promote their brands to millions of users across their traditional radio, digital streaming radio, podcasts, and social media. These platforms offer local and national reach, allowing advertisers to apply hyper-local audience filters alongside demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting. Additionally, iHeartMedia is a well-established entertainment and news provider with a network of radio personalities to promote your brand.

    iHeartRadio’s AdBuilder generates custom ads and placements based on your budget, location targeting, audience types, and goals


    • 860 live broadcast stations
    • Radio networks 
      • Premiere Networks: over 100 syndicated radio programs, a quarter billion monthly listeners
      • Total Traffic & Weather Network: reaches 200 million monthly listeners in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
      • 24/7 News Network and NBC News Radio: NBC provides newscasts while 24/7 offers national news updates; features for business, tech, and health; breaking news; scheduled summaries; and more.

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